Interactive machines


A machine appreciated for its creative side

The interest for this type of machines is rather important and this is due to the interactivity they offer.

The player can therefore be solicited to take a decision during the game, but this does not imply the devising of a strategy. As for the probabilities, they do not change, but the appeal is not spoiled as a consequence. Their usage is based on real entertainment, where it is possible to lose astronomical amounts.

Manufacturers therefore display a great deal of originality when they conceive them. When the game has a tendency to get tougher, the stakes are higher and the players have more fun.

The bonus, an additional appeal

The interest of the game is found in the steps that lead to the opportunity to win important stakes. The reels can thus give way to fictitious characters. The latter hide a bonus, which can be won provided you choose the right picture. This bonus can give you additional credits.

In order to reach the bonus, it is necessary to complete several steps. These have an influence on the amount you can win, but they also depend on the bets you placed.

In this type of situation, it is highly recommended to insert the maximum number of credits, so that you can try and win the most important profit. The stakes are rather high and the profits can be doubled or even tripled.