Differences between the machines

A great diversity

Some traditional slot machines are largely known by die-hard players in the industry. Nowadays, with the introduction of technology, they have diversified by being adapted to all game styles. The most innovative sometimes display a touch screen showcasing hundreds of cool and new symbols.

Progressive machines

Individual or common jackpot

Within casinos, users can notice the presence of a network called Carousel, or Bank. It gathers all progressive machines, where the money collected allows the jackpot to get bigger. The total amount is generally displayed high up on a light screen.

Interactive machines

A machine appreciated for its creative side

The interest for this type of machines is rather important and this is due to the interactivity they offer.

The player can therefore be solicited to take a decision during the game, but this does not imply the devising of a strategy. As for the probabilities, they do not change, but the appeal is not spoiled as a consequence. Their usage is based on real entertainment, where it is possible to lose astronomical amounts.

Themed machines

themed-machinesMachines constantly go through various modifications, and especially to adapt their concepts to the players passions. These machines usually display themes that appeal to a general audience and highlight:

board games,
TV shows...