Redistribution rate

Players would be well-advised to ponder over their chances to win profits before they start spending money. By doing so, they can play while being aware of the risks.

The house's advantage is relatively high and it can't be lowered, even slightly.

Generally, the establishment redistributes between 90 and 95% of the invested amount. A user who inserted £100 has the opportunity to get around £90 back, generating a loss of £10.

This margin is therefore very big. Slot machines are the least favourable casino games to players.

Conversely, casino owners greatly appreciate this system, since the benefits are incredible thanks to the speed with which chips are used.

Margin competition: a solution to make your investment profitable

The universe of casinos is highly competitive and each establishment has a different redistribution rate.

In Las Vegas, slot machines give back a much higher percentage to players, which helps limit losses considerably.

Conversely, boats showcase the worst rate, with only 80%. Legislation is different, which explains the discrepancy between those margins.

Players must therefore do some research on the rates applied, in order to choose the most profitable casino for their wallet.