Solts Glossary



Your game budget. Avoid considering your entire bank account as your bankroll, as you would then risk losing all of your savings. Set your budget before you start playing and, if you lose, stop then.

Bet One

Button that allows you to add credit and consequently to select an additional winning line.

Bet Max

The action of betting the maximum amount. It is also a button that allows you to select the maximum authorised bet for this machine at once, which prevents you from having to add credits one by one. When a progressive jackpot is available, it can be won only by playing in Bet Max mode.

Bonus game

Available on video slot machines. If you get certain symbols, you will be able to enter the bonus game, which does not have anything to do with the machine itself, and which is displayed on a side screen. It allows you to win extra credits.

Bank game

A type of slot machines. As you play, you will accumulate “bonus credits”, which are stocked in the bank. You will be able to have them only if you get a specific combination. The goal is actually to push you to keep on playing until you manage to unlock your bonuses, because they will be lost if you leave the machine without winning them.

Comp (or Comp points)

They are sometimes given another name. It is the equivalent of loyalty points. They are offered by the casino as and when you play, and can allow you to win either additional credit or prizes.

House advantage

The opposite of the redistribution rate. This is the percentage won by the casino on average in the long term. Some games give a greater advantage to the house (which means they are less advantageous for you).

Line (winning or paying)

Some machines have only one game line, while others are multi-lines (from three to twenty five most of the time). A winning line is a line on which you bet a credit (because it is not mandatory to play with all lines of a machine) and on which you can expect to win something. If a combination appears on a line that was not activated, you will not win anything.

One-armed bandit

Synonymous with “slot machines”. The name comes from the lever you had to pull to spin the reels.

Progressive jackpot

Offered by most slot machines. It is a jackpot made of players' additional bets, which therefore becomes bigger gradually, until someone wins it. It is usually very interesting.

Redistribution rate

The percentage of bets that goes to the players, in the long term and on average. For example, if you play 100 dollars on a slot machine whose redistribution rate is 96%, mathematically speaking, you will get 96 dollars back. Always play on machines whose redistribution rate is the highest, obviously. The fact that casinos' redistribution rate is verified by an independent body is an assurance of reliability and trustworthiness.

Sign up bonus

“Welcome gift” offered by online casinos, either when you register or when you make your first deposit. You sometimes need to enter a special code to be able to enjoy it, and those bonuses are usually subject to conditions.


This is how the machine is called. The word is sometimes used in French as well, by extension.


The various pictures on the reels, which must be aligned to form combinations.

Scatter symbol

This symbol allows you to win a special prize (often the access to a bonus game) when it appears a certain number of times on the screen. However, as its name suggests, those symbols do not have to be aligned on an active game line: they can be scattered anywhere on the screen and it still counts.

Wild symbol

A special symbol which can replace any other symbol to form a combination. Often, it also allows you to win a progressive jackpot (you generally need to align a complete series of wilds, on the last winning line).