Winning 9 times out of 10


Roulette is not governed solely by the rules of chance and it is possible to create foolproof game strategies that work almost every single time: more particularly, let's consider a technique that allows you to win at roulette 9 times out of 10.

Steps to follow

The principle of this efficient technique consists in taking into account the last five results of the game of roulette by considering simple stakes in red/black.

When betting on the following five rounds, all you need to do is bet the opposite!


During the last five spins of the wheel, the marble stopped on black, black, red, black and black.

The strategy consists in placing your bets for the following five rounds as follows: red, red, black, red, red.

You then need to reiterate, until you win a round, by following the classic rising martingale technique, which corresponds to the following bet pattern: 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16.

The probability for you to lose your profits are as follows: you have one chance out of two to lose during the first round, one out of four to lose your profits in the second round, one out of eight during the third round, one out of sixteen during the fourth and, finally, one out of thirty-two in the fifth round.

Therefore, if you play on five spins of the wheel, you increase your chances to win profits considerably, up to 9 chances out of 10!

Confrontation to a permanence

In order to verify the probability calculations and theory presented above, let's confront them to the permanence of Monte-Carlo's real casino. More specifically, let's take the month of August 1976 as a reference.

For the first rounds played every day, out of 31 games played, 31 were won when using this game technique.

Don't forget that this game tactics inevitably exposes you to losses, at least once in a while. On the long term, do not use this method permanently, as it is not foolproof. The most important thing is for you to have fun while securing your budget and your profits, by putting an upper limit to your bets for example.