The Paroli


The Paroli game technique, also called Paroli martingale, is applied on roulette games, like more classic martingales.

Opting for the Paroli means choosing a cautious game strategy that can allow you to win big while risking little. In a way, it is the reverse principle of the classic rising martingale.

Principle of the Paroli

The Paroli works in the following way: it consists in betting one unit when the game starts. Then, the player adds the profits they made to their initial bet. Conversely, if they lose they start a new game with a new bet.

By doing so, they always bet the profit they made and ensure they do not lose more than their initial bet.

Among the advantages of this Paroli roulette game technique, the most obvious is that it guarantees caution and the security to lose little. Indeed, the player does not risk losing more than their initial bet since on each round they place a bet using the profits they made previously.

When it comes to the drawbacks, as is the case with all martingale tactics, it is dangerous to let the bets soar quickly. In order to avoid falling into this trap, it is recommended that you set a profit to reach and to stick to it.

When familiarising yourself with the technical jargon used by experts in roulette game strategies, you will hear the phrase “Paroli 1”, which means that the player stops betting after winning twice the amount of their initial bet.

Similarly, you talk about “Paroli 2” when the player stops playing after winning the equivalent of four times their bet. Finally, the term “Paroli 3” indicates that the players stops after winning eight times their bet.

Example of application of the Paroli

Here is a practical illustration of the Paroli martingale theory we presented previously.

In our example, the initial bet is 10 units.

  • In the first round, the player decides to bet 10 units on red. The roulette indicates the colour red. The player therefore wins 10 units.
  • In the second round, they place 20 units on red, once again, and the marble stops on red. The player wins 20 units and their profit amounts to 10+20=30 units.
  • During the third round, they bet 30 units on the colour red and the roulette displays red once again. The player consequently wins 30 units and their total profit equals 30+30=60 units.
  • During the fourth round, they bet 60 units on red and the roulette announces black. They lose their 60 units, including their initial bet. The final result is -10 units.

Place your bets now and try your luck at roulette, by excelling at this popular game technique.

Note for cautious players, wishing to control their budget: the Paroli martingale covers your assets!