Defy chance and choose a game technique based on logic and probabilistic reasoning, in order to quickly increase your profits at roulette, or at least to limit your chances of loss.

Martingales are the most popular game techniques in the world of roulette and its variations. Their modes of functioning are simple and they are usually applied on bets with simples chances.

Among the most popular, we can give a special mention to the great classic martingale, which consists in doubling the initial bet after every lost round. As for the reverse martingale, it implies that you reduce your bet in half after every winning round.

Martingale variations are numerous and initiated philosophical and mathematical reflections, including Whittacker's, Paroli's, or even Alembert's' martingales.

However, you should remain cautious with these game techniques, which have limits and risks.

More specifically, the bets have a tendency to soar quickly, which creates a risk for you to lose the entirety of your bets: winning rounds build up, until a lost bet creates a considerable deficit.

Don't forget: it is recommended that you put an upper limit to your game bets, in order to control both your budget and your risks of losses.