Defy chance and choose a game technique based on logic and probabilistic reasoning, in order to quickly increase your profits at roulette, or at least to limit your chances of loss.

Martingales are the most popular game techniques in the world of roulette and its variations. Their modes of functioning are simple and they are usually applied on bets with simples chances.

Winning 9 times out of 10

Roulette is not governed solely by the rules of chance and it is possible to create foolproof game strategies that work almost every single time: more particularly, let's consider a technique that allows you to win at roulette 9 times out of 10.

Steps to follow

The principle of this efficient technique consists in taking into account the last five results of the game of roulette by considering simple stakes in red/black.

The rising Grand martingale

The rising Grand martingale is a game strategy that is frequently used by players who favour casino roulettes.

It is used with bets that concern simple chances.

As is the case with all martingales, the rising Grand martingale is applied as soon as the player loses a bet. This game technique gives you the impression to increase your chances to win while strictly respecting the rules of the game of roulette and its variations.

The Alembert rising martingale

This game technique owes its name to French mathematician and philosopher Jean d'Alembert.

It is applied during roulette games and, contrary to the classic martingale, it is used both in situations of victory and loss. It allows you to create a balance between deficits and winning bets during a game.

As most martingale techniques, it is used during simple chance roulette games. It proves to be easy to apply and very popular, for beginners as well as for experimented players.