Mexican Roulette



Mexican roulette is one of the variations of the game of roulette and it is actually very close to the rules of American roulette. However, the wheel is made of 39 pockets, that is one more pocket than for American roulette.

This box is numbered with a triple zero.

Mexican roulette is even riskier than American roulette: the chances to lose all your bets if the marble stops on the pocket numbered 000 are increased. In other words, it is more difficult to win interesting profits at Mexican roulette than when you play other variations of roulette.

Objective of Mexican Roulette

The ultimate goal of Mexican roulette is the same as for other games of roulette: making bets and forecasting the winning number and/or the type of number. Bets are placed mainly on simple stakes.

Proceedings of Mexican Roulette

Each pile of chips has a colour that is unique and specific to each player, so that the croupier can differentiate the bets on the layout and in order for them not to make any mistake or be confused.

  1. Once the players have placed their bets, the croupier utters the world famous sentence “no more bets”.
  2. They spin the wheel anti-clockwise, before throwing the white marble clockwise.
  3. As soon as the marble stops on a box on the wheel, the croupier announces the winning number and colour, therefore giving the verdict for the bets placed by the players.

Betting at Mexican Roulette

Mexican roulette allows a greater variety of bets on a number, its colour, whether it is even or odd, compared to other variations of the game of roulette.

You can find types of games that are similar to the French roulette variation and other configurations for available bets, such as the Corner Bet, which allows you to bet on four numbers with a single bet, by placing it on the intersection of said four numbers.

The Dozen Bet can make you win twice your bet and allows you to bet on 12 numbers at once.

When playing Mexican roulette, considering the chances to land on number 0, 00, or even 000, which lead you to lose or reduce your bets, it is recommended that you make multiple bets in order not to lose too much money.

Granted the interest is reduced and less profitable, but it is important for you to play it safe against chance.