Outside bets


What are outside bets?

Outside bets are less risky than interior bets: the probability for you to win profits is consequently increased but the payout is less important.

Outside bets concern the outside zones of the layout, situated close to the players: more specifically, they are rectangles displayed on the layout, which represent subcategories of numbers.

Therefore, since it is about several numbers for a single bet, the chances to win are higher, but of course the profits are less interesting.

You should particularly keep in mind that if the marble stops on the box numbered 0, all of your outside bets will be lost.

Description of different types of outside bets

outside-bets-2Here is an overview of the main outside bets:

  • The Red/Black Bet is the most popular: it is a simple and even-money bet that can yield once your initial bet.
  • The bet called Low/High (“Manque/Passe”) consists in betting on a winning number that is present either on the half of the layout containing numbers from 1 to 18, which is called zone of Manque, or on the upper half of the layout, called Passe, which contains the rest of the numbers up to 36.
  • As for the Even/Odd Bet, it consists in betting on the parity of the winning number, with equal chances, and it can yield once your initial bet.
  • The Dozen Bet refers to placing a bet on a winning number that would be either in the first dozen of numbers, or in the second dozen, or even the third dozen. This bet allows you to win twice your initial bet.
  • Finally, the Column Bet implies that you forecast the winning number to be situated in one of the three columns made of twelve numbers. This one allows you to win twice your bet.