Multiplying your chances to win


Chances to win at roulette in the long term

Even though roulette remains a game governed by chance, it is possible for you to reduce the risks of loss, thanks to a game strategy.

When it comes to the long term though, it is difficult to find efficient game tactics because of the 0 pocket, which can make you lose the entirety or half of your bet at any point in the game. Even after accumulating several profits, you can lose everything.

Particularly, American roulette exposes you to even more risks to lose, in that it includes two such boxes, numbered 0 and 00. It is therefore recommended to favour French roulette if you want to be sure to keep your profits.

Here are two golden rules which can help you create an optimal game strategy in order to multiply your chances to win in the long run:

  • First of all, you should favour outside bets rather than inside bets: indeed, outside bets are less risky, even though they yield less.

More specifically, limit your betting area on the layout as much as possible. For example, place your bets only on black numbers or on odd numbers in the outside zone of the grid.

  • Secondly, we advise you to choose multiple bets rather than a single one.

Particularly, decide to place two bets of the same amount on two outside bets. For example, you should choose an even-money bet, such as the odd/even outside bets, which allow you to win your bet once, and complete it with a so-called column outside bet. By doing so, you increase your chances to win in the long term.

Basics of American and European roulette

American roulette distinguishes itself from European roulette in that it is made of 38 pockets and includes a case numbered with 0 and another one with 00, which can make you lose the entirety of your bet if the marble stops on it.

American roulette is therefore riskier and decreases your chances to win profits in a secure and cautious way.

As for European roulette, the most popular variation of roulette, it is comprised of a wheel with 37 pockets numbered from 1 to 36, as well as a single case numbered with 0, which can make you lose half of your bet if the cylinder makes the marble stop on it.

In both variations of the game, the goal is to create the optimal bet in order to maximise your chances to win profits while the croupier spins the wheel and utters the sentence “no more bets.”

Whether you play one or the other variation, favour exterior bets on simple stakes and multiple bets in particular, so that you can insure your game capital.

Do not let chance take over: create a game strategy, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player in the world of roulette games. More particularly, choose a martingale technique that is best suited for the type of roulette game you decide to play.