Break the bank


Whether you are a beginner or experimented in the universe of roulette games, it is time for you to impress your gambling entourage and to become an awesome player who displays only one chip on the game layout.

There is a game technique that is very disconcerting for surrounding players, especially when you win big: here is something for you to get familiar with this game technique called the Paroli martingale.

The Paroli martingale technique

Paroli's tactics are applied according to a principle that is easy to understand, and preferably on single stakes.

After a winning round, it consists in placing a bet in the following round that corresponds to the amount of your initial bet, added to the profit you just made. In the case of a series of successive winning rounds, this game technique can prove to be very profitable and allow you to break the bank, as you say in the jargon of casino games!

Here is a concrete example, so that you can have a better understanding of the advantages this Paroli game method can provide:

  • After five successive winning rounds, you win 31 units according to this Paroli martingale.
  • After 6 winning rounds in a row, you win 63 units.
  • After 7 rounds, it's 127 units, and so on and so forth until you reach 10 successive winning rounds, which allow you to break the bank and cash 1,023 units of your initial bet.

Interest of the Paroli method

The Paroli method presents a major interest in that you can only lose your initial bet at worst, which does not represent a high amount. Indeed, it consists in betting your initial capital, added to previous profits.

You don't risk losing much, but in the case of winning rounds, you can increase your initial bet very quickly.

In the previous example, which illustrates 10 winning rounds in a row and the extraordinary profits that result from them thanks to the Paroli martingale, chance did a good job, especially when it comes to theory!

In practice, you will most probably benefit from a series of five successive winning rounds: this proves to be more likely and already very profitable for you!