Inside bets

What are inside bets?

Inside bets are highly favoured by more experimented roulette players and risk-takers: they are the most thrilling. However, you should know that while these bets are indeed more dangerous, they yield more than outside bets.

When playing a game of roulette, inside bets consists in betting on one or several numbers in order to guarantee a higher chance of winning profits.

Outside bets

What are outside bets?

Outside bets are less risky than interior bets: the probability for you to win profits is consequently increased but the payout is less important.

Outside bets concern the outside zones of the layout, situated close to the players: more specifically, they are rectangles displayed on the layout, which represent subcategories of numbers.

Multiplying your chances to win

Chances to win at roulette in the long term

Even though roulette remains a game governed by chance, it is possible for you to reduce the risks of loss, thanks to a game strategy.

When it comes to the long term though, it is difficult to find efficient game tactics because of the 0 pocket, which can make you lose the entirety or half of your bet at any point in the game. Even after accumulating several profits, you can lose everything.

Particularly, American roulette exposes you to even more risks to lose, in that it includes two such boxes, numbered 0 and 00. It is therefore recommended to favour French roulette if you want to be sure to keep your profits.

Break the bank

Whether you are a beginner or experimented in the universe of roulette games, it is time for you to impress your gambling entourage and to become an awesome player who displays only one chip on the game layout.

There is a game technique that is very disconcerting for surrounding players, especially when you win big: here is something for you to get familiar with this game technique called the Paroli martingale.