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Zitro Games was founded in 2007 in the city of Barcelona in Spain and specialises in creating vibrant bingo video games for the modern gaming market.

Since the company was established, Zitro Games have managed to become one of the most widely recognised and sought after companies in the field of bingo games, partly because of the high quality games that they continuously deliver and partly because they are constantly embracing the latest types of software and platforms. In fact, Zitro Games invests a large portion of its revenue in research and development, which has helped the company go from strength to strength.

Soon after the conception of Zitro Games the company was able to use its knowledge and expertise to expand into a number of different countries and is now operated all around the world.

Zitro Games Platforms

The specialist products that are created by Zitro Games, as well as its strong global contacts, have allowed the company to open up new geographic markets while building an extremely strong global presence.

The company has already gained widespread recognition due to its clever manipulation of different types of communications media, while Zitro Games also has a reputation for flexibility. In line with this, the company have created several different gaming platforms that allow their most popular games to be enjoyed in a wide range of different ways by people all over the world.

The recently launched mobile gaming platform is fully compatible with android and iPhone platforms, which means that bingo lovers across the globe can play their favourite bingo games both from the comfort of their own homes and while on the road. Zitro Games is a company that has its sights set firmly on the future and it is expected that they will continue to lead the way in video bingo gaming for many years to come.

Popular Zitro Games Creations

Despite choosing to focus on mainly video bingo games, the various different types of creations from Zitro Games vary widely.

All of their video bingo games are particularly vibrant and follow special themes and scenarios that make them endlessly playable. The Ultimo Bingo En Paris video games transports bingo lovers to the romantic city of Paris while they play, while those who love to solve mysteries are presented with a whole new dimension to the standard video game from the always popular Da Vinci Secret. Other popular creations by Zitro Games include Fishmania, Lucky Hero, White Glove, Sudoku Samurai Bingo and Superbingo Santa. Many of these games have been adopted by some of the leading on line casinos around the world, while Zitro Games also creates video bingo games especially for certain online casinos.