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Tom Horn Enterprise is a special group of companies that provides a range of services to both land based and online gaming operators.

The company specialises in developing online gaming platforms for a number of different types of operators within this industry, including online casinos, sweepstakes, cyber cafes and gaming terminal operators. Tom Horn Enterprise is based in Slovakia and is part of the Meracrest Group.

One of the secrets behind the success of this innovative company is that they provide a wide range of professional services that are suitable for all types of operators within the gaming industry. Their gaming solutions are fully integrated and make it possible for their clients to combine land based casino action with innovative online gaming. The company is constantly releasing innovative games and technology such as their webcam poker interface, which allows players to see their opponents and interact with them in a realistic setting.

Tom Horn Enterprise’s Partners

Tom Horn Enterprise has secured a number of high profile partners since the company started operating. This has helped the company to raise its profile and secure a prominent place in this highly competitive market.

Among the company’s partners are TrustPay, which is a provider of specially integrated online payment solutions that provides secure card payments as well as cost effective instantaneous bank transfers in numerous countries throughout Europe and Case7, which is based in Costa Rica.

Tom Horn Enterprise’s Security

Tom Horn Enterprise has an excellent reputation for security, making this a company that gaming clients can really depend on.

The company’s website is recognised by the Institute for Testing and Certification and Technical Systems Testing, while they also provide security services for iGaming. Tom Horn Enterprise uses the latest software and security technology to make sure the details of all of their loyal customers are protected at all times.

Popular Tom Horn Enterprise Games

Since they began operation, Tom Horn Enterprise has created and successfully launched more than seventy different games. All of these games are delivered as Flash, which means that they do not need to be downloaded and they can be enjoyed straight away on any operating system or browser that is connected to the internet.

The Tom Horn Enterprise catalogue includes a whole host of video slot games as well as popular casino games like blackjack, roulette and baccarat. In fact, the company has produced more than 25 different video slot games as well as 16 reel slots and eight video poker games, each of which has its own unique twist.

Some of the company’s most popular video slot games include Wonders of the Ancient World, Arctic World, Wild Wild Bill, Luxury Night, Hot Date and Treasure Hunt.