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Real Time Gaming is a software developer growing at a fast pace and offering online casino games.

It offers real advantages, both for players and casinos which use it.


Players can enjoy a software that is at the cutting edge of technology and always evolving. Real Time Gaming, as the names suggests, means games in real time.

The software consequently allows players to use multiplayer features in real time.

Games are easy, accessible to everyone and display good quality images. Players can use the Flash version, which offers maximum speed, or the downloadable version, with its perfect graphics.

Advantages of the software

Nevertheless, the game quality is good in all cases. Another advantage for the player is that they can enjoy attractive bonuses with to this software.

RTG also offers personalised tracking for each player, allowing them to know their situation in real time as well.

For casinos, benefits are numerous, as the software is completely secure. It was certified by Technical Systems Testing. Payments are also secure.

All customer transactions are recorded, whether it is payments, deposits or winnings, which allows casinos to check a customer's account in a few minutes in case there is an issue.

Another advantage provided by this software is the fact that it does not set the amount of bonuses, which means the casinos are free to choose the bonus they want. Therefore, casinos launch bonuses that are more and more attractive, as a way to entice numerous customers.

RTG is now available in its 6th edition, which means that since it was created in 1998, the software has been improving consistently