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The Playtech company is specialising in software edition in the field of online gambling games.

A great number of companies, specialised in online casino, poker and more, uses the services of Playtech. Bet365, Titan Casino or Jet Casino are among Playtech's numerous clients.


The company develops software all over the world in different languages and different currencies in order to reach as many players as possible, all the more so as the company offers excellent customer support, available at any time.

Thanks to platforms that are increasingly sophisticated and developed, the company established its star product: casino.

Real Times Games

Indeed, Playtech offers over 140 casino games which give you the possibility to play in real time, with instant transactions. Players can't but be satisfied with what Playtech has to offer, with extremely varied casino games and fixed odds games, progressive jackpots or even multi-line slot machines.

The company, created in 1999, has even been listed on the stock exchange in London since 2006. Recently, Playtech has known important growth in Italy with its famous game IPoker.

By developing internationally, the company proves that it respects procedures in terms of rules and regulations for online gambling. Indeed, each country applies its own laws in this field.

Other products

Described as a giant in its industry, Playtech is extremely well developed and its offer is not limited strictly to online casino games. Indeed, the company also creates software for sports betting or even online scratch games.

It is also worth noting that Playtech develops numerous softwares for mobile phones, which is a growing market for software edition companies.

It is then extremely easy to play anywhere, which is a wonderful thing for players all around the world.

Thanks to a savoir-faire built with years of experience, players can enjoy themselves at any time of the day with Playtech.