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NeoGames is a software edition company in the field of online scratch games. Following online casino games, the development of online scratch games was quite fast.


What mainly distinguishes theses games from other online games, such as poker or casino games, is the instantaneity of the winnings. These scratch cards are playable instantly and no download is required, thanks to the use of Flash technology.

NeoGames offers more than 30 different scratch games for its players all around Europe. Depending on the websites, the winnings can quickly reach a million euros. Each game is available in different themes, so that everyone can play according to their personal tastes.

Luck is often present, as one in three cards on average is winning.


With a gaming license delivered in Malta, the NeoGames group is evolving at a fast pace all through Europe. Created in 2005, the company has become a pioneer in the electronic scratch game industry.

Thanks to NeoGames' modern technologies, each player can enjoy real time gaming, for maximum pleasure. Since new technologies are changing on a daily basis, NeoGames recently launched these scratch cards on players' mobile phones.

Therefore, anyone can play anywhere, simply by installing an application on their mobile phone.

Technological progress

As a global leader in online scratch cards, NeoGames is growing and never fails to follow technological advances in order to remain a pioneer. NeoGames, thanks to its talent, joined forces with numerous online gaming societies to develop its customer base.

This is why NeoGames games are often present on several websites, which makes most players wonder about credibility or even regulations. However, these doubts are not justified.

Indeed, NeoGames signed an agreement with the national office of online gambling in Malta, the first country within the European Union that regulated online gambling, whether it is casino games, poker or scratch cards.