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Microgaming, one of the giants of the e-casino software industry, has been around since 1994.

Working alongside over 120 casinos, Microgaming never ceases to grow on the market, appealing to more and more customers. The company bases all its activity on innovation and quality, and it is not planning on letting others compete that easily.

Its research and development program is one of the most efficient around, with an average of 4 game releases a month, for the players' greatest pleasure.

More than 400 Games

The company already has a stock of over 400 games, and their latest release on the slot machine market is their Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring™ Slot, where you can admire the exceptional quality of its graphics, illustrating this constant sense of innovation.

Microgaming also offers you the possibility to access the games via its mobile platform, GameWire.

Microgaming specialises in progressive jackpot and the software was recognised for generating the biggest amounts of profits. This shouldn't come as a surprise when you know that the machines are all connected, which multiplies the advantages of progressive jackpot.

In 2006, Microgaming reached 200,000,000$, paid to over 5,500 players, some of those lucky winners having received over a million.

There is no such thing as quantity without quality though. The Microgaming team is put together with care and, in order to boost everyone's potential, newbies have to go through their “Training Academy”, created specifically for this purpose.

The Microgaming team

In keeping with this cooperation mindset that makes the company stronger, Microgaming is also the co-founder of eCOGRA, a non-profit independent program based in London whose aim is to regulate financial transactions and more generally to supervise anything related to the security of participating sites.

Keenly aware of fast developments in the world of online gaming, Microgaming is joining this frantic race with great talent, but you should not forget the fact that it is essential not to ignore the other side of those developments, i.e. the breaches in computer security, constantly challenged.

As we already said though, Microgaming is not ready to give up without a fight!