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The computer and software creation company that flies under the banner Leander Games takes its title from the name ‘lion man’. This is a name that Leander Games uses to convey strength as well as energy and passion and these are the main driving forces behind the company.

In just a few short years Leander Games have established a reputation for excellence in the world of game creation and a large number of online casinos and other operators turn to them for consultation and advise and well as their unique expertise in creating games that are endlessly playable and people from all walks of life enjoy playing.

Leander Games was founded in 2008 in Buenos Aires and the company has already managed to build an innovative and highly appealing game library that covers a wide range of different genres. All of these games come complete with appealing illustrations as well as fun effects, original themes and dynamic animations.

The Leander Games Team

Leander Games boasts a team of young and experienced professionals that come from a wide range of different fields such as illustration, animation, design, script writing, mathematics and even psychology. Above all else, all of the members of the Leander Games team are enthusiastic players of computer games and their passion really shines through when it comes to creating new games for the company.

One of the secrets behind the success of Leander Games is that all the members of the company’s diverse team have an equal say when it comes to what their new games should look like as well as the way in which they make players feel. The unique backgrounds of some of the team members in fields such as mathematics and psychology mean that the games have diverse dimensions that give players something a little bit extra to tune into.

Popular Leander Games Creations

Although Leander Games have only been operating for a few years, they have already an extensive catalogue of games under their belt.

Leander Games specialize in creating games that follow a certain theme and one of their latest games, namely Dolly, presents the queen of country music Dolly Parton in a vibrant new way. Other new additions include video slot machines that take on the theme of popular fairy stories such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In addition to vibrant themed slots, Leander Games have also created their own versions of popular casino games such as roulette, which are utilized by a large number of popular online casinos such as Casino777, Casino Solera, Sky Vegas, Unibet Casino and Betmotion.