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Cozy Games Management Ltd was founded back in 2005 and the company has its headquarters on the Isle of Man.

The impressive technology that is created by Cozy Games as well as their reputation for excellence has earned the company a large number of high profile partners such as Electracade, IGT, OpenBet and FreeMantleMedia. The added expertise and experience that these partners provide has helped Cozy Games to go from strength to strength and rise to the top of their field in just a few short years.

Cozy Games Software

One of the reasons for the impressive success of Cozy Games is that they make considerable effort to create software that is easy to use and is available on a large number of different platforms. Cozy Games always have their finger on the pulse and their specially integrated platform solutions give players the access they need to games through casinos and gaming sites on the internet as well as popular social networking sites like Facebook.

Cozy Games’ mobile application is fully compatible with Android as well as a whole host of other smart phones, while iPad and iPhone users will also have full access to the leading Cozy Games applications. Cozy Games software is also available in a large number of different languages, which makes it fully accessible to people in various different countries around the world.

Another of the company’s versatile features that they apply to all of their games is the ability for players to select the currency of their choice, which means that everyone can join in the fun.

Popular Cozy Games Offerings

Cozy Games have created a large number of bingo games as well as classic slots and video slots that have proven to be very popular with a wide range of different types of online casino games lovers.

The innovative table games that are created by Cozy Games have a lot of different dynamic features that put players right in the centre of the action. The collection of innovative casino games that the company has created include a series of seven different popular casino games like blackjack and roulette as well as three different types of card poker and three different versions of bingo.

The company also boasts 16 different popular slot games, while they provide special games for a number of leading casinos like Slot MagiX and Due to a brand new agreement with FremantleMedia Enterprises Cozy Games are now converting some of the most popular games from the FreeMantle catalogue such as The Price Is Right, Family Fortunes, Play Your Cards Right and The X Factor: Steps To Stardom to various different platforms so that they are accessible to even more gamers around the world.