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B3W, for Blue Winners World Wide, is an online casino games and gambling provider, available on the Internet and via mobile phone applications.

It was created in 1998 in Malta, a pioneering country for online gambling legislation, whose system was used as a basis for the constitution of European regulations. It was the company which created the first French online casino.

Besides gambling, B3W offers customers the installation of database protection systems, as well as different types of firewalls, but also server hosting. The firm is a leader in the use of flash technology for gambling.

Games software in flash

What makes B3W special, and this is where it is so innovative, is the fact that it offers the entirety of its games in flash, making them playable online directly, without having to download a software, contrary to what most other companies require.

This technology is advantageous in that it offers a much faster and less constraining access to the games. For example, a user can play from any computer that is connected to the Internet all around the world, while a software requires the use of your own personal computer.

The games on offer are available in a wide array of foreign languages and both the quality and aesthetics of their design are an assurance of the company's reliability.

A firmly established reputation

The company is recognised on a European level thanks to the European Gambling License it obtained, but also by its numerous partners: Casino Broceliande, Casino-For-Me, Duel 5, Monte Casino, Paris Win Casino, Flamingo Casino, Yachting Casino, BetsKingo, Colpogrosso Palace.

B3W stands out on the online casino market through the quality involved in the creation of its games, whether it is on the graphic or ergonomic level. Its full-time customer support is another assurance of the quality of its services.