The Pass line bet


Placement on the layout

Generally, the players place their bets on the “pass bet” box, which is found in the “pass line” zone of the table.

This is a good strategy, since the casino advantage is only 1.41 per cent. On a bet of around £500, the casino thus wins only £7.

This allows the gamblers to enjoy 8 chances to win over 4 chances to lose.

This strategy is therefore efficient and profitable.

First phase

The system of the pass line bet relies on four situations:

  1. The player wins when they get combinations 7 or 11 with the first throw.
  2. If the sum of the dice gives a craps, i.e. number 2, 3 or 12, the gambler loses their bet.
  3. When the combination equals 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, the sum becomes “the point”. At this moment, the shooter throws the dice again, until they get the point again.
  4. As soon as the point is made, and if the next one gives number 7, the player loses.

Second phase

During the second phase (the one where you try to get the point), all the “pass lines” can be winning. In order for this to happen, a combination of 7 must not appear.

The probability for this event is quite uncertain: indeed, this combination can arrive with the next throw or with the tenth throw. If the shooter gets a “seven out” (losing 7), all the players who had placed their bet on the “pass line” lose as well.


During the first throw, the player gets an 8. The croupier will therefore put the “marker puck” on the 8 box (white side up). With the second or after a series of throws, the player wins if number 8 appears and loses if it's number 7. The other results are not significant with this “pass line” strategy.

Once the point is made, the player is not able to remove their bet anymore. They can only place an “odds bet”, if they want to.

The “Put bet”

A new characteristic is brought to this strategy. The player is able to make a “pass line” as soon as the point is made. This bet is called “Put bet”. Numerous gamblers use this system when they arrive at a table where the game has started already. The advantage for them is that they can start playing straight away and don't have to wait until the next throw.

However, this strategy is not considered as an interesting one, even when the point is made on a 6 or an 8. In that case, it is often recommended that you use another bet, the “come bet”.