The main bets at craps


The structure of the craps table gives the players the opportunity to use several types of bets. Its content is rich, which allows you to use more strategies depending on the evolution of the game.

More than 100 possible bets exist and they can be placed on one or several throws. Some bets are not considered, as they are way too favourable to the house and therefore considerably decrease the likelihood for the players to win.

This game consequently offers a lot of stakes, which are directly influenced by the diversity of strategies.

The budget

Before the player exchanges their money for chips, it is recommended that they check the minimum and maximum bet authorised on the table beforehand. This is a way for the player to made forecasts that match their budget, in order to win and not to lose.

Generally, the bets start around £5, but it is sometimes possible to start betting as little as £3. Other amounts can also be found, like 25, 50 and even £100. It is therefore important to determine your own capacities, in order to choose the right bets.

Bets that are favourable to the players

If they want to win, the players will use different ways to bet and, more importantly, strategies that are different from one another. The latter will have an influence on the bets and the profits.

The players have the possibility to place several bets:

The game of craps is not very complicated and it is accessible to expert players but also to beginners.

It is not necessary to use or understand all the bets perfectly and you simply need to choose the right strategy.