The lay bets


opposite of “buy” bets

The so-called “lay” bets work in the opposite way as the “buy” bets do. The players will therefore bet on the appearance of number 7.

There is however a rule to respect: number 7 must appear before a chosen point (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10). The gamblers also have the possibility to place or remove their bets at any time during the game.

The bet is “always active”, which allows the players to win or lose even when the first throw is made.

The payments

The chances for combination 7 to appear are much higher than for the other numbers. Indeed, the probability is 16.7%, which increases the chances to win considerably. This has an impact on the profits, as they are less important:

  • The payment is 1 to 2 for a bet on a 4 or a 10.
  • With a 5 or a 9, it is 2 to 3.
  • On a 6 or a 10, the bet is paid at 5 to 6.

It is also possible to notice that the casino has a 5% margin on all the profits. This does not have any influence on the bets you place though. If a player bets £60 on a combination of 9:

  • The profits equal £40.
  • The commission is taken on the £40 they won and the casino therefore gets £2.
  • The player will consequently win £38.