The buy bets


The players can notice similarities between the “buy” bets and the “place” bets. There is a difference though: the player wins the real odds, with a 5% commission.

The payment difference

Most of the time, the casino reduces the payment of the profits and the player can therefore not receive the real compensation that matches the risk they have taken on a bet. Conversely, when the player wins the real odds, it shows that they are paid according to the risk they have taken when they placed their bet.

This type of bet is not active during the first throw, which means there is no profit or loss and the result is not taken into account. The players also have the possibility to place their bet and then take the “buy” bet back whenever they want.

With this system, a “buy” bet placed on number 4 or 10 is much more profitable than a “place” bet. The difference lies in the house margin, which is respectively 4.76% (buy bet) and 6.67% (place bet).


The players must always keep in mind the existence of the 5-per cent commission. For instance, when they bet £20, £1 will be retained. On some combinations such as number 4 or 10, the “buy” bet is advantageous, but it is however much less interesting for numbers 5, 6, 8 and 9. In that case, it is preferable to choose the “place” bet.

The players tend to favour “buy” bets. Once they have paid the commission, the gamblers cash all the winning bets with real odds.