The point


When the first throw allows the player to get one of the following combinations: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, the total is called “the point”.

This is a special case, as the bets placed on the “pass line” are neither lost nor won. You need to wait until the next throw has been made to know the result of the bets.

shooter throws again

As soon as the shooter gets the point, they have to throw again until they get the same combination again. Two situations are possible:

  • The dice trigger a 7, the pass bet is lost and the dice are thrown by the next player.
  • If the shooter makes the point again, the game is back to the “first throw” and the dice remain in the hands of the same thrower.

The “marker puck”

When a player arrives at the table after a game has already started, they can discover the state of the game by looking at the “marker puck”. It is a plastic disc where you have information about the presence or absence of the point. It has two sides and when the white side (visible) is placed on a number, it means that the player is trying to get the point. The croupier then moves it as soon as the point is made.

If that is not the case, the black side (visible) is placed on the “don't pass” box.

For example, if the “white puck” is placed on number 8, the shooter is trying to make the point again. In order to do so, they throw the dice again, to get number 8 again. At this moment, the make the point once more.