The beginning of a game of craps


Placing the bets

The game starts as soon as the player or the dealer has placed the chips on the boxes corresponding to the bets. The gamblers are able to get to know the authorised stakes (maximum and minimum). These are written inside the sides of the table, where each croupier is standing.

You can consider that the minimum bet is generally around £5.

Before the first throw

In order to make a new throw, you need to wait until the stickman has placed the dice in the middle of the table (in front of the boxman) and all the profits have been distributed by the dealer. As soon as this is the case, the player can buy additional chips from the dealer according to the rules.

The dealers are in charge of the different amounts of money and under no circumstance can the players help themselves directly. The players must indeed put the money on the table.

If the croupier is busy, the game of craps can't start.

As soon as the croupier has taken the money, they attribute a pile of chips, which they push towards the player. The latter takes them and places their bet by putting the chips on the matching box, while the supplement is placed on the edge of the table.