The beginning of a game of craps

Placing the bets

The game starts as soon as the player or the dealer has placed the chips on the boxes corresponding to the bets. The gamblers are able to get to know the authorised stakes (maximum and minimum). These are written inside the sides of the table, where each croupier is standing.

The first throw

The game can't start until the bets have been placed.

Most of the time, the players do so by placing their chips in the “pass line” box or in the one called “don't pass”. Other bets are also available, according to the different combinations.

The point

When the first throw allows the player to get one of the following combinations: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, the total is called “the point”.

This is a special case, as the bets placed on the “pass line” are neither lost nor won. You need to wait until the next throw has been made to know the result of the bets.