The shooter

At craps, the player who is throwing the dice is called the thrower, or the “shooter”.

This person is throwing the dice in order to obtain a combination of two numbers.

All the gamblers standing around the table (between 14 et 16) will be able to throw the dice in turn.
There is however a rule that needs to be respected when it comes to the order: the players are throwing in a clockwise manner.

As soon as a player is allowed to throw the dice, the stickman takes their stick and pushes five identical dice (6 sides) towards them. The shooter chooses only two and can throw them on the table, after all the players have placed their bets.

A new player arriving at the table is able to give up their turn.

Despite the high sides installed on the table, the dice can sometimes fall over. At this moment, the game is interrupted and the stickman announces that the dice are “outside”. The table manager is in charge of picking up the lost die or dice. The thrower will then have a second chance.