The dealers


In order for the game to be played according to the rules, it is necessary to have dealers during a game of craps.

There are four of them around a so-called “normal” table. Each of them has a dedicated space and their roles are quite different.

The role of the dealers

The firts and second dealer

The table is divided in two zones, one of the left and the other on the right, and each side is managed by a dealer. They are called the first and second “dealer”.

Their role is simple: they are in charge of making sure that the game is played in the best conditions. They exchange the players' money into chips, take part in placing the bets by helping the players put them on the table, and they distribute the money to winners.

The Stickperson

One person is sitting at the middle of the table, across the two dealers: they are the “stickperson” or “stickman”. They are in charge of the dice, taking them back and giving them to the next thrower. They use a rather long stick to do so, hence their name.

The stickman is also managing the central zone, by placing the players' bets. They are also able to announce the results and tell the dealers what payments must be distributed to the winners.

The Boxperson

In front of the stickman, you find the table manager, who is called “boxperson” or “boxman”. They are also sitting and their role is to oversee the whole game, the players, the dice, as well as the dealers.

The boxman intervenes during the game by distributing the chips and gathering the bets lost by the players.