Craps is a game that belongs to the universe of terrestrial casinos, but it can also be found online.

It relies on a varied system where the unfolding of a game is constantly renewed, since each throw is independent. Indeed, forecasts are made and the result does not relate to all the players present around the table.

This universe is intoxicating, as the atmosphere is noisy and energetic, but efficient at the same time. The bets provoke a rush of adrenaline and this statement is also accurate online, where the atmosphere is thrilling.


Getting Started

This concept brings a very interesting and fun element. Sensations are present all through the game, since the gambler has 1 chance out of 36 to find the right combination.

A guide is available, containing information about the history of dice game, with the different combinations, a description of the table, etc.

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rules craps


This category concerns the information about the rules and a description of the different steps of the game.

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The players must pick the right strategy if they want to see the house advantage fall below 1%, which greatly contributes to profits.

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The game of craps relies on the dice, but the main goal is to devise strategies on a series of throws.

Everything is here for you to learn all the rules at your own pace, which will greatly increase your chances to win your craps games!