Pok 21 Blackjack


Pok 21: is it Poker or Blackjack 21? What if this variation of blackjack was at the crossroads between those two casino games...?

Rules of Pok 21

Pok 21 is played with 6 52-card decks. It is also called Parisian Style Blackjack.

On the table, two boxes are in front of the player, where they can place their initial bet: a Pok box for Poker and a 21 box for Blackjack 21. The player must therefore bet on two boxes on a semicircular blackjack table.

Difference from classic blackjack

Here is how Pok differs from classic Blackjack: players can double their bets and receive a single extra card when the two cards they received from the croupier, face up, make a total of 9, 10 or 11 points.

Moreover, it is possible for them to split their cards when they have a pair, but they will be able to play with only one card from the pair once they are “split”.

As for the payment ratio for Pok 21: it is 1:1 for any hand that is over the croupier's and does not exceed 21. If a player reaches 21 points with their two cards, they win twice their initial bet. Conversely, if the croupier reaches 21 points with their two cards, they win the totality of the bets placed on the Blackjack 21 box.

This variation of blackjack is very fast and you need to be a strategist to optimise your chances for profits!

It is then necessary to develop basic strategies, which are used with traditional blackjack, all the while keeping in mind the possibilities offered to you in this equally surprising and popular variation.