European Blackjack


European blackjack is one of the variations of so-called “classic” blackjack. It is a way to discover blackjack under a new light, with a distinctive feature in that case: the rules of the game.

European blackjack is played with much more precise rules. Rigour must be applied.

Playing European blackjack requires to already have a good mastery of the game.

Rules of European blackjack

Common points with its classic blackjack counterpart

First of all, the aim of the game is always the same: you need to reach 21 points without exceeding this value, and to knock the bank out.

European blackjack is played with 8 decks of cards. The decks are shuffled at the end of each round. The rules used to determined if you win the game or if the game is “null” are identical. When playing European blackjack, players have the same game options as with classic blackjack.

Namely, they can draw cards, play with insurance (get an insurance from the croupier), stay or even split. Simply, when a player splits their game, they can double their bet on the total worth of their pair.

Several differences which give added value to this variation

When the cards are dealt by the croupier, they have to wait in between deals, for the player to be done playing, i.e. to take these different game actions. Only then, will the croupier deal a new card.

As soon as the first card is dealt, the player can take other possible actions, which are explained to them by the croupier. They can:

  • “Take an insurance”
  • “Be quits”
  • “Surrender early”, which can happen straight from the beginning of the game.

When it comes to the “insurance” option, it is the same as the one applied in the rules of classic blackjack, but the player can take in from the start.

  • “Be quits”

This action is used when the croupier's first card is an Ace and only if the player thinks they have a blackjack. In that case, the game is cancelled: it is null. The player gets their bet back.

  • “Surrender early”

This option is used when a player knows they are not in position to win. Then, they can get out of the game, but they lose half of their bets. However, if the croupier has an Ace as a first card, none of the players can take this action.

As you have already understood, the main asset when playing European Blackjack is the fact that you can choose an action from the beginning, following the possibilities offered by the croupier.

It is important to take some time to think then, in order to make the best decision and avoid big losses!