Double Exposure Blackjack


Double Exposure Blackjack is a variation of classic blackjack.

When playing Double Exposure Blackjack, the croupier's cards remain visible for the whole duration of the game. This is of course an advantage for the players.

However, other rules are here to help the croupier make up for this one. Speaking of the players: in this version of the game, it is possible for up to 5 people to play Double Exposure Blackjack, which offers more important and interesting possibilities.

Double Exposure Blackjack is played with 8 52-card decks, which must be shuffled before each game starts.

Rules of Double Exposure

The rules of the game are similar to those of classic blackjack, except for a few elements, which will be explained now.

First of all, both of the croupier's cards are face up on the game table. The croupier draws on 16s, as well as on 17s. As for the winnings, the croupier wins over the players, except when the players have a “natural” blackjack. Moreover, a natural blackjack is paid at 2 on 1.


All the players have the opportunity to split the totality of pairs, including cards that have the same value. Players can consequently split two cards if they are both worth 10, such as a Queen and a Jack, even if they are not the same. Additionally, they can split again up to 3 times, thus creating 4 hands.

It is worth noting that split hands retain the same value as their initial value before splitting.

If after splitting two Aces a player receives a new Ace or a 10, they don't have a blackjack but they still have 21 points.


When playing Double Exposure Blackjack, players can double only on cards reaching a total value of 9, 10 or 11. They can double even after splitting.

When playing Double Exposure Blackjack, players double with cards face down if they wish (when their cards are worth between 9 and 11, of course). If a player splits their hands before, and then decides to double, they must do it with cards face down.

Contrary to classic blackjack, players can neither use insurance or surrender during the game.

It is important to be an expert player when playing Double Exposure Blackjack. Indeed, you need to adapt your strategy in order to knock the bank out. In this version, the croupier has more chances than you to win, unless you have a natural blackjack, in which case you win...

It is therefore worth keeping in mind that you are playing Double Exposure Blackjack if you want to stack all the odds in your favour.