Result of a round


Play blackjack and you will be transported to an indescribable universe...

You are focused: you enter the world of casino. Don't leave anything to chance.

When playing blackjack, you can influence the game, you decide what your hand will be, you become a master of the game: reflection, sharpness and strategy are the keywords.

Dealing of the cards

When playing blackjack, your only opponent is the croupier. They deal each player two cards, face up, and draw a single card, face up, for themselves.

The player on their left then has to choose between several options:

01 They can simply “stay

The player does not want any additional card.

02 They can first say “card

The player then receives the number of cards they wish, until they have a hand that is close to 21 points, without exceeding that value.

03 They can also decide to take an “insurance”, if the croupier's face up card is an Ace.

The player therefore protects themselves from a potential blackjack from the croupier.

04 They can also “split

This consists in dividing your hand in two, in order to have two distinct combinations.

05 Finally, it is possible for the player to “double” their bet and thus draw an extra card.

This decision-making process is repeated for each player, one by one. When everyone's round is up, it is time for the croupier to create their hand.

The croupier's hand

When playing blackjack, you are never safe from a reversal of the situation. Up to this point, the croupier only had one visible card. It is now their turn to draw a second card.

In the special case when the croupier has a blackjack with their two-card hand, they win the bets of all the players who didn't have a blackjack.

Once the croupier has both cards in hand, they need to follow a specific rule: “The bank must draw on 16 and stand on all 17s.

This jargon implies that the croupier keeps on drawing cards until they get a combination of cards whose value is over 17 but always under 21.

Blackjack result

In case there is a natural blackjack, the player wins their bets at 3 to 2.

If the croupier displays a hand that exceeds 21 points, you say they “bust”. In that case, the other players still in the game win the bet. Conversely, players exceeding 21 (who “burn”) lose their bet, no matter what the croupier's hand is.

What happens then if the croupier's hand is ranging between 17 and 21 points?

Players who have a hand that is over the croupier's, but still under 21, win the equivalent of the croupier's bet. Conversely, those whose hand is under the croupier's lose their bets.

In case there is a draw, the player's bet is reimbursed: they do not win anything, but do not lose anything either.

It is then time to do the sums. After bets have been dealt with, payed or reimbursed, the croupier deals new cards.