Elements of blackjack


Playing blackjack online requires you to familiarise yourself with specific elements that can vary slightly from the material used to play blackjack in real casinos.

Essential elements

The card deck

Obviously, the card deck is an indispensable element: online blackjack can be played with a maximum of 8 52-card decks, depending on which variation you are playing (6 decks for the so-called French blackjack, 8 decks for the American version). In the early days of the creation of blackjack, a single card deck was enough to play!

The table

The table is another element of the online blackjack setting that you can't do without. It is configured in such a way as to welcome a maximum of 7 players for a game. On the table, you will find 7 “spots”, where the players will receive their cards and where they will have to place their bet.

The croupier

Finally, the role of the croupier is fundamental in the seamless unfolding of a blackjack game. This person can also be called the banker, or the dealer. They need to excel at the art of dealing the cards with unrivalled dexterity and essential speed.

They also play the role of a banker, not only to control everyone's bets, but also to give them their winning bets.

useful material that is often used for blackjack

The bet indicator

On the playing table, 7 boxes are placed on each player's spot: they correspond to the different values of bets on which players will have to place a minimum and maximum amount of chips. In order to make betting easier for players, whether they are beginners or experts with the universe of online blackjack, an indicator of minimum and maximum bets is available on your screen while you are selecting the amount of your bet with chips.

The shoe

The shoe, which can be made of wood or plastic, is a tool that is used to stock the cards and deal them to the player. It can generally hold about 312 cards.

The bank

The bank is centralising all the chips from the bets that will be distributed according to the winning players. The croupier is the one who is in charge of the distribution, using this chip compartment.

The rack

As for the rack, it is a tool used to gather the cards that have already been used during the game: they are commonly called the “burned cards”.