Bets at blackjack


What are betting units at blackjack?

In order to get the unit amount of a chosen bet at blackjack, all you need to do is divide your bankroll, i.e. the total amount of money you will invest at the start of the game, by the number 500.

The result you get will define your betting unit.

It is important to highlight the fact that you should never play with money you don't have, as blackjack remains a game of chance and you can't afford to lose money you do not dispose of!

Card counting, or the hi lo system can help you, but they won't allow you to win every time!

Calculating the bet

Here is an example to understand better: if you invest a 10 000 € bankroll from the start, 10 000/500 = 20. The betting unit is therefore £20.

From the minimum bet to the maximum bet

A golden rule to take into account straight away, and in every situation.

You should never place a bet that is higher than 5 betting units!

This maximum bet of 5 units needs to be placed in only one situation: if your True Count is 5 or over (as a reminder, the True Count is defined by the current card count, divided by the number of card decks left in the shoe).

This rule helps you reduce the risk of losing your whole bankroll: it's called the Risk of Ruin, or RoR in the English version.

Once you have determined you maximum bet, you can find your minimum bet.

The minimum bet is the result of your maximum bet divided by the bet spread you determined when the game started, following your own conditions.

Bet spread

The bet spread remains an important element in the game of blackjack and should therefore be explained and defined. It is indeed the difference between the minimum (the smallest) and maximum bet you will invest when the game starts.


If a player chooses a bet spread of 1/12 (the operation consists in dividing the maximum bet by 12): the maximum bet will then be 12 times higher than the initial bet.

If the minimum bet is 30, then the maximum bet is (30x12), i.e. 360.

Consequently, a good player who knows how to count the cards would be well-advised to follow the game carefully and use their maximum bet depending on the shoe, and conversely to reduce their bets according to the remaining cards.

However, bet spreading is the best way for a casino to spot card counters. You should therefore be discreet and respect the rules of the casino where you are playing.