The Bankroll


What is the bankroll?

It is the total amount of money a blackjack player is using to play at the beginning of a game.

The resulting questions are the following: How to manage your bankroll? What should it amount to?

We will give you all the answers! Your bankroll (amount of money committed) determines, according to your investment, the limit of how much you will be able to play.

Consequently, if you play regularly, the management of your bankroll becomes more than essential if you don't want to reach zero and lose everything!

Here's a tip: it is important to keep track of the games you played, so that you can know when you lost money or when you won some, and what the bets from others were.

Managing your bankroll

Managing your bankroll in Limit

The bankroll, as far as games played in Limit go, is determined in blinds, which actually corresponds to the highest bet you will be able to place without replaying.

Therefore, when you play a Hold'em Limit game, it is highly recommended that you have at least 300 blinds in your bankroll. You will be able to manage the fluctuations more easily, as they can be more or less important during the game.

Managing your bankroll in No-Limit

There isn't really any pre-defined rule here, when it comes to playing blackjack in No-Limit.

However, in order to master the variation of your bankroll well and to stay safe, it could be wise not to play more than 5% of it during a single game and to take its total amount into account.

Managing your bankroll for tournaments and SnG (Sit and Go)

The bankroll required to enter tournaments must amount to at least 50 buy-ins!

Consequently, if you play £1 tournaments, you will always have a bankroll of at least £50. As we explained in the previous management section, it is judicious and essential not to invest more than 5% of your personal bankroll in a single tournament.

Finally, to be thorough, the buy-ins for your SnG must not be over 3% of your personal bankroll.

To recap

Your bankroll is the total amount of money you put aside to play and that you wish to invest.

It is therefore important to define it in a wise and well-thought out manner, depending on your own operating methods and on the different management procedures that we listed.

Warning: blackjack remains a game of chance where anyone can lose!

Thus, you should not play with money you can't lose! Play according to your own means and never above... Set some limits for losses you can't exceed and some goals you would like to reach in terms of profits.