Blackjack Glossary


Becoming an expert at online blackjack is first and foremost about mastering the jargon of this casino game.

Here is a lexicon for you to get familiar with the most frequently used specific vocabulary and to have a better understanding of strategies and good proceedings of blackjack games.

It is also interesting to memorise the English translation of words, depending on which game software you are using.

Burn card

The first 5 cards contained in the shoe are called burn cards and will not be used by the croupier.

Bust or busted

This term means that you lost by exceeding the total of 21.


Corresponds to the two cards dealt to each player and the croupier's single card, visible to all the players.

Double down

This consists in doubling your initial bet and receiving a single extra card.

Down town

A popular variation of blackjack with rules that are very similar to those of traditional blackjack. Down town is played with two 52-card decks. The “bank must draw on 16 and stand on all 17's” rule applies as well.


This is how you call a two-hand card without Aces.

Hard 17

This is how you call a hand containing an Ace counted as 1 point by the player, as well as other cards, the total of which reaches 17. For example: Ace-10-6.


Possibility offered to the player to ask the croupier for as many cards as they want, without exceeding 21 of course, in which case they would lose their bet.


Refers to a card whose value is 10 points. It can be either a 10 or a face card like the King, the Queen or the Jack.

Natural blackjack

When you have a blackjack with the first two cards you are dealt, which make a total of 21 points.


This is how you call a hard hand (which does not contain any Ace) whose total worth is between 17 and 21.


Situation in which the value of a player's hand is equal to that of the croupier's hand.


Equipment used when playing blackjack to stock cards that will be dealt. It can contain up to 8 decks of cards.


If the croupier's face-up card is an Ace, the player can choose to take an insurance, which allows them to bet only half of their initial bet.


This is how you call a two-hand card containing an Ace.

Soft 17

This is how you call a hand containing an Ace and a 6. It can be worth either 7 or 17.


Option offered to a player when they have a pair in their hand. The player can then split the cards so that they constitute two hands.


Option which consists in keeping the cards you have in hand because you are satisfied with the total amount. You do not wish to draw more cards.


This is how you call a hard hand (which does not contain any Ace) whose total worth is between 12 and 16 points.


The player can choose to leave the game and they lose half of their initial bet.

The lexicon proves fundamental to gain experience in the world of blackjack, but it is also necessary to know the whole body language specific to this casino game.