Blackjack Probabilities


Blackjack is much more than a simple card game: it is a strategy game, where dilemmas tear you in two and the choice of your options is fundamental...

Keep your composure, here is something to help you develop a strategy to become filthy rich!

a matter of strategy

Playing blackjack is showing focus and analytical skills. You already master the rules of blackjack, it is now time to excel at logic and defy chance.

The cards are in your hands, you are the master of your game. You choose, you think and you draw conclusions.

Once both cards are in front of you, face up, you need to speak and make a choice between several options. You probably know that you should think carefully before you speak... Take some time to optimise your chances to win!

You are offered several opportunities and you need to make the right decision, not only according to your hand, but more importantly depending on the other players.

Counting the cards: an essential advantage

Are you going to say “card” and thus choose to draw several cards to get closer to 21 points? Or will you decide to “stay” and keep your hand as it is? Maybe you would rather “split” your identical cards or even double your bet?

Use a foolproof strategy to increase the probability for you to win the bet: count the cards.

Muster all your focus and logic to apply this basic technique perfectly and become the winner.

Card counting allows you to see through the shoe and to know what cards are yet to be dealt. Therefore, if you know that the cards you are interested in are still in the shoe, you can place a bigger bet.

The cards contained in the shoe constitute a real source of information, one that is crucial to develop your strategy. Always compare your hand with the croupier's visible card. Don't worry, this card counting test is absolutely surmountable!

Different card counting techniques exist, which can save you from having to remember precisely which card was dealt previously. More specifically, the Hi-Lo method, which consists in counting the cards according to a point system. You can attribute three different kinds of points (1, 0 or -1) to the cards that are dealt to the other players, as well as to the dealer.

This strategy relies on a balance between the points attributed to the cards: the counting starts at zero and, since the values of the cards balance each other out, it also ends with zero. However, this technique requires you to be good at mental arithmetic.

Obviously, developing a strategy, whatever it is, requires you not only to use your sense of logic, but also to be extremely discreet!

None of the other players, and even less so the croupier, should detect any sign revealing your strategy.