Proceedings of a bingo game


The proceedings of a bingo game are quite simple and always the same, no matter what bingo room you play in.

1 – Buying the grids

First of all, you have to buy your grids, or your grid if you are not ready to play with several tickets at the same time.
If you are on a free online bingo site, buying grids doesn't imply the investment of real money. In the case of a paying online bingo room, you need to register on the site first and create a player's account, on which you have to deposit money.

2 – Start of the game

Once you have bought the number of grids you wanted, the game can start. Thanks to a chat technology available on online bingo sites, you can interact with other players, which makes the game more convivial.

3 – Draw and announcements of numbers

Similarly, thanks to the chat, you will be able to hear the announcer proceed with the draw of numbers live. All the numbers of the game are therefore announced in audio and you will then have to look for them on your bingo ticket(s).

4 – Marking

When one of the numbers announced is present on your bingo ticket, you need to mark it so that you don't lose the thread of the game.

Automatic markers exist, to make the game easier for you. After the announcer has proceeded with the draw, the announced number is searched for and marked automatically, which prevents you from missing an announcement or not marking a number because you did not see it on your ticket.

5 – Announcement of a bingo

Once all the numbers of a line or a ticket, depending on the rule applied in the game you play, are announced, you need to shout bingo and be the first to do so, in order to win the corresponding jackpot.