90 ball Bingo


Traditionally, 90 ball bingo is considered to be a variation of the 75 ball Bingo game. Indeed, the rules are identical and it is only the number of balls that is higher.

The main difference between those two bingo games is therefore found in the playing grids themselves, their composition, and the winning combinations.

Rules of the online game

In order to play 90 ball bingo, you need to have “tickets”, also called game cards or grids, each of them being made of 3 rows and 9 columns. The squares are numbered from 1 to 90 and you can notice that on each line of the bingo card, five squares are numbered and four are empty.

The principle is extremely simple: an employee draws the bingo balls at random, a caller announces the number loud and clear, and the players fill their squares little by little, until one of them has a full line. At this point, the caller checks and the winner receives prizes.

Then, in order to win, you need to fill two lines of numbered squares, and then three, for the game of 90 ball bingo to be over. In other words, there are three ways to win at 90 ball bingo: by filling one, two or three horizontal lines entirely (which is also called a “Full House”).

Modes and proceedings of 90 ball bingo

For online 90 ball bingo, the rules are equally easy. On websites, you can play 90 ball bingo in a practice room, a tournament room, or even in a room where you bet with real money. With that said, everything is made to make your job easy.

For online bingo, if you play 90 ball bingo, the rules are similar to the ones used in real life, but the difference is that you can play on different fronts, or in automatic mode. Indeed, when playing 90 ball bingo, which is available in all online gambling rooms (or nearly all), it is not you but the online casino that is in charge of ticking your boxes, and all you have to do then is follow the unfolding of the game. This allows you to do something else at the same time, or to play on another table.

Strategically, it is more interesting for you to play outside or peak hours, i.e. during the week for instance, and during the day, so that competition between players is less intense and you are more likely to win prizes.

Online bingo and 90 ball bingo are very popular games and they are quite difficult to resist.