Proceedings of a bingo game

The proceedings of a bingo game are quite simple and always the same, no matter what bingo room you play in.

1 – Buying the grids

First of all, you have to buy your grids, or your grid if you are not ready to play with several tickets at the same time.
If you are on a free online bingo site, buying grids doesn't imply the investment of real money. In the case of a paying online bingo room, you need to register on the site first and create a player's account, on which you have to deposit money.

General rules of bingo

Whether you play in a real casino or in online bingo rooms, the rules of bingo remain the same.

With online bingo, your virtual card is presented in the best tradition of Bingo: five rows and five columns (25 numbers) if you play bingo with 75 balls, and nine columns if you play a game with 90 balls. We will come back to that later.

30 ball bingo

30-ball bingo, or “Speed Bingo”, proves to be as interesting and funny a variation of bingo as 75-ball or 90-ball bingo.

Specificities of 30-ball bingo

30-ball bingo is played on a card with 9 squares, i.e. 3x3 grids. Contrary to 75-ball bingo, the ticket for this variation does not include any empty square in the centre.

75 ball Bingo

75 ball Bingo is one of the most played virtual casino attractions online. Indeed, this game that is particularly valued by Americans becomes more and more popular, always attracting new enthusiasts.

However, knowing several tips and other game strategies is greatly appreciable if you want to become an experimented player.