The elements of bingo

The employees

When you play bingo in real life, several people collaborate to offer you the best possible entertainment. They are the caller, the spotters, the cashiers, but also the people in charge of cleaning the bingo room.

When you play online, the cleaning service is not necessary, and neither are the spotters or the cashiers.

With online bingo, the caller, who draws the numbers, is helped with moderators and phone assistants. These employees who are specific to online bingo are there to prevent disputes between players and to inform you or help you in case you have a problem.

The drawing machines

With bingo, several types of drawing machines, each powered by different technologies, are used to proceed with the drawing of numbers. The common point between all of these drawing machines is that they were imagined and conceived to guarantee game equity and randomness of the draw.

The metallic cage

bingo-cageFirst of all, and this is the most traditional device used to draw numbers at bingo, spherical metallic cages exist, inside which numbered balls are placed and mixed manually, thanks to a crank.

These metallic cages have a system that allows only one ball to come out at once.

The blower

blower-bingoThen, another drawing technique involves a machine called blower. It is an electronic device, actioned by an engine, in which the bingo balls are mixed continuously by a fan. This is the method used for the drawing of Loto in France.

Digital drawing machines

Finally, with the rise of online bingo and other drawing games of the same kind, digital drawing machines were created. They guarantee a completely random selection of numbers and benefit from a highly advanced security system that is here to prevent fraud, from the people in charge of the draw or from the players.

The balls

bingo-ballsThe balls are manufactured according to certain standards, which guarantee their reliability. They must be perfectly round in order not to be “rigged”.
They are made of plastic, in different colours. The number is written either in black or in the colour of the ball.

With bingo with 75 balls, a letter from the word “BINGO” is written on each ball. This is a way for people to find the drawn number on the grid more easily, as each column is associated with a letter from the word “BINGO”.

Bingo can also be played with 80 or 90 balls, in which case no letter is written on the balls.

The cards

bingo-cardsBingo cards are different whether you play with 75 or 90 balls.

  • At bingo with 75 balls, the cards are made of grids in a 5x5 format, with letters from the word “BINGO” associated with each column respectively.
  • At bingo with 90 balls, the cards are rectangular and made of 3 rows and 9 columns. They do not contain letters from the word “BINGO”.

The cards allow you to know which numbers have been announced already and which ones haven't been drawn. Indeed, during a bingo game, you need to mark the drawn number after each announcement and check if you have filled a row, a column, or even the entire card (depending on which variation you play), which would mean you won. All the cards are conceived and edited in such a way as to create the same probability to be winning, thanks to random generators.

Each bingo card is unique.

The markers

bingo-markersWhen playing bingo, you need to mark the cards in order to know which numbers have already been announced and when to shout Bingo. Therefore, you can mark your cards with pieces or with markers (or daubers), which means you need to be attentive during each announcement and quickly proceed to spot the number, in between two announcements.

When playing online, in case you are worried you might miss an announcement or not find an announced number, you can use an automatic marker. In order to benefit from this convenient, intelligent and quick tool, you simply need to tick an option at the start of your game.