Bingo glossary

Bingo, like any other online game, has its own lexicon, its own glossary.

Here is a good overview: you can play “75, 80 or 90 ball bingo”. These are each of the variations of traditional bingo, with playing grids whose lines and numbers differ.


This is what the player shouts when they have filled their card correctly.

Bingo Board

The board where the numbers that have already been drawn are displayed.


This is the basis of the game, which is made of numbered rows (whose quantity depends on the game you choose).

Coverall or Blackout

Corresponds to a grid that is filled entirely and allows the player to win the game.


The person who announces the drawn numbers.

Chat Room

A space where players meet and have discussions. This room is managed by a “Chat Master.”

Game Room

This is the space where you go to play in groups. The more players in there, the more active the chat is.

Hot Ball

The first number drawn in the first Bingo game. It can be bought by players, which will entitle them to an extra prize at the end of the evening.

Horizontal Line

Specific to 90 ball Bingo. When one of them is filled, the player wins.


This is what a player who filled their card properly wins, generally a nice amount of money.

Minimum Buy-In

The amount you have to invest if you want to receive prizes thereafter.

Money Ball

This is a number drawn before the game starts, which grants you additional money if by chance it is the last number of the game.

On-The-Way Bingo

This means there are different ways to win during this game (for example, an horizontal line, then two and three). Therefore, each time a player fills their card according to one of these patterns, they win a prize and the game goes on until someone fills their card entirely.

Progressive Jackpot

It increases as and when the players buy grids, until someone wins it.

Pattern Bingo

This is how you call the different ways to win, which can be: an horizontal line, a diagonal, the entire card or a vertical line.


A percentage paid on the winner's profits (generally, it is 75%).

Super Jackpot

A player wins it when they fill their card in less than 48 numbers drawn. The stake usually starts at 1,500€ and increases every day until someone wins it.

Split Pot

This is what the online bingo room can split with the winner (it varies depending on the rooms).


These are the number of grids you buy when you enter the online bingo playing room.

In the end, a bingo glossary is rather complex and you have to know all the words in the lexicon if you want to play the game skilfully and strategically.