History of bingo

Bingo is a board game that has existed for several centuries and that benefits from a great popularity everywhere around the world. It is especially thanks to the simplicity of its rules and the conviviality it allows between the participants that this game is appreciated by all age groups and a great variety of social backgrounds.

The elements of bingo

The employees

When you play bingo in real life, several people collaborate to offer you the best possible entertainment. They are the caller, the spotters, the cashiers, but also the people in charge of cleaning the bingo room.

When you play online, the cleaning service is not necessary, and neither are the spotters or the cashiers.

Bingo glossary

Bingo, like any other online game, has its own lexicon, its own glossary.

Here is a good overview: you can play “75, 80 or 90 ball bingo”. These are each of the variations of traditional bingo, with playing grids whose lines and numbers differ.